5 Tips On How To Keep Acne At Bay

Woman With Acne Getting Removed

Acne is oftentimes difficult to deal with. With so much going on beneath the skin, it’s no wonder many people feel like they do so much to address it and see little improvement. Don't lose hope! Be sure to first try these tips and consult with a board-certified dermatologist to determine the appropriate acne skin care regimen for you.

1. Stop Touching Your Face and Stop Touching Your Pimples

Your fingers may contain dirt and bacteria that may clog pores or inflame and infect your pimples. Your hands may get viruses as well, so wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face at all costs.

2. Avoid Washing Your Face Too Often


Overwashing can trigger further breakouts. You can simply wash your face twice a day to remove makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, and pollution from exposure.


3. Use Skin Products That Unclog Pores And Slough Away Dead Skin Cells

You want to keep your pores clear from blockage and normalize oil production.

4. Reduce Stress And Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Rest

Otherwise, these may exacerbate acne or worsen existing acne due to the disruption or release of certain hormones.

5. Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face And Wash It Regularly

Some hair products, when they get on your face, can clog pores or irritate your skin. Oils, pomades and gels can make your hair oily and this can add to the oil on your face, especially when you sweat.

At HOO Dermatology, we have a customized 360 Acne program that promises control of acne in just 6 weeks! Discuss your acne concerns with our board-certified dermatologist. He or she will be able to assess the appropriate product/s and/or treatment/s for you. You may book an appointment here or call our hotline at 0917 576-2326 during business hours.