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Online Consultation

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Our board-certified dermatologists are here to help you address all of your skin concerns, find the best products for your skin type and condition, and recommend future treatments and procedures. If you are ready to take the first step to healthy, younger-looking skin, book a virtual consultation with our board-certified dermatologist.

To optimize the online consultation process and enhance your experience, please carefully read all of the steps below in preparation for your appointment.

Before your appointment
1. Please ensure that you have Viber or Whatsapp downloaded on your electronic device (smart phone, tablet, or computer). Make sure that it is fully charged and has a strong internet connection. Please ensure that the camera and microphone on your device is functioning properly.
2. Prepare clear quality photos of the affected areas or your areas of concern. You may take several detailed pictures from different angles. 
3. For Video Calls, choose the right setting. Choose a spot in your home with good lighting and free from background noise and distractions.
4. Be prepared with important information. This would include a good history of the problem, list of medications or products taken or applied, and any health issues or allergies. You may also prepare your questions or concerns ahead of time so you don't forget anything.

Preparing your space
1. Set up your device in a well-lit area. Natural light is best.
2. When seated, make sure that a light source or a window is in front of you and not behind you (this results in shadows and glares).
3. Have a pen and paper with you. Our board-certified dermatologist is likely provide instructions which you may want to take note of.

Preparing your skin
1. About 15 minutes prior to your appointment, cleanse your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Remove any makeup from your skin. Do not apply any makeup, moisturizer, or toner. This will allow your provider to have a clear picture of your skin at baseline.
2. If you have long hair – Please tie your hair back in a loose ponytail.
3. Please wear a neutral colored top without a pattern on it. If you have concerns of specific body parts, please be prepared to show those areas to your provider. For example, if you want to inquire about your neck or arms, wearing a tank-top or loose t-shirt is preferable.

During your appointment
1. You will initially be asked to send photos of the affected areas or areas of concern by your doctor for assessment.
2. You will then be contacted by your doctor via Video Call or Audio Call depending on your preference.
3. Follow the rest of your doctor’s instructions throughout the appointment and note any instructions provided.
4. At the conclusion of your appointment, your doctor may provide you with a prescription or list of suggested products and a plan for future treatments.

If you purchase any product/s or treatment/s worth P5000 and above right after* your paid online consultation, the consultation fee of P1000 will be credited to the patient's account via store credit which is valid for redemption within 7 days from online consultation.

* within 7 days of online consultation