About HOO Dermatology

HOO Dermatology or House of Obagi

32 years ago, we brought in the number 1 physician-prescribed product from America - the Obagi Nu Derm System. These products are not only efficacious on melasma but for skin transformation as well. We distributed the products to over 750 dermatologists around the Philippines. 20 years later, with the enormous success of the product and the demand for it, we decided to bring it mainstream bringing it closer and readily available to our patients - thus HOO Dermatology.

To take patient care to the next level, we created treatment protocols and programs targeted to each skin problem, clinically tested them, and is now currently being showcased in all our branches. We take pride in letting you know that all the treatment protocols you will try at HOO Dermatology were carefully researched, studied, and tested for months to create results. You will not see these treatment protocols elsewhere because they are homegrown in our company.

HOO Dermatology is proud to be home to the largest roster of board-certified dermatologists outside a hospital setting in the Philippines.