Get To Know BEY Pascua - The Face of Obagi®

BEY Pascua for HOO Dermatology

When did you realize that you had a passion for music?

Music has always been an integral part of my life. It's how I bond with my family, my friends, and it's now become a part of my career. One reason why I love music is because it tells stories that listeners can interpret and relate to in their own ways. My relationship with music continues to grow and I'm thankful to have opportunities where I learn more about it.

Who is your favorite singer?

My favorite singer would have to be a tie between Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. They both have such versatile voices and they're both incredibly talented. I also really admire how they are as individuals because they're so well-rounded and they use their platform to advocate for change.

Favorite genre?

I love mixing and matching songs from different genres, but I'm gravitating more towards R&B / Pop nowadays. I'm hoping to make more songs like "Close 2 U" because it's a sound I really connect to.

Where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to writing songs?

Much like any other songwriter, I draw inspiration from my experiences and my thoughts or feelings. It's such a great feeling when you can express yourself in a song and have people resonate with it. It just proves that music is a universal language that brings people together.

What are your non-negotiables when choosing skincare products?

Since I have oily skin, I tend to gravitate towards products that help with this. I also look for products that don't clog my pores or products that help in unclogging my pores. Dr. Stephen Lacson has been looking over my skin since I was a teenager and his recommendations really helped with managing my breakouts.

BEY Pascua with HOO Medical Director Dr. Stephen Lacson
BEY Pascua with HOO Medical Director Dr. Stephen Lacson at HOO Dermatology Greenbelt 5

You have been using Obagi Medical products since your teens, which Obagi® products do you swear by?

You can never go wrong with the SUZANOBAGIMD® line. Ever since they started giving me the Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex, I’ve been using it every day. All the products in this line is great for young adults because it’s the time in our lives where our skin is always changing from different environments, hormones, stress, diet, etc. The SUZANOBAGIMD® line targets all skin types with all types of skin concerns and for me, it really works.

What is your go-to treatment at HOO Dermatology?

My go-to treatment is the Obagi Signature Treatment. I like to go at least once every month just to refresh my skin. It’s good to pamper yourself every once in a while and I think maintaining healthy skin is one way to do just that.

Rhiza Pascua with daughter BEY Pascua
Rhiza Pascua with daughter BEY Pascua
HOO Dermatology Brand Ambassadors

What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be the new face of Obagi® + HOO Dermatology?

I am still over the moon about this! I'm so proud to be the face of a brand that really works for me and that I really stand by and believe in. I'm so grateful for the opportunity and for my HOO Dermatology family for allowing me to represent their brand.

HOO Dermatology billboard along NLEX
HOO Dermatology billboard along NLEX

Healthy skin for me is…

Skin that you feel comfortable in even without makeup! Everyone has bad skin days, but that's why investing in your skin is well worth it. I really believe healthy skin starts from the inside so take really good care of yourself and it'll show on the outside!