Body Sculpting Benefits

Working out in order to achieve your dream body is tough! For some, it is even more difficult and impractical to set aside enough time to do meal preparations or go to the gym. And sometimes, even a healthy diet and exercise simply aren't enough to melt away unwanted body fat. It often isn't even your fault, we have our genetics to blame. For example, women have a natural tendency to have more body fat and less muscle than men, resulting in a slower metabolism and more effort needed in shedding fat in certain areas.

If body sculpting sounds like a treatment that would benefit you, it may be time to consider it! There are many popular, non-invasive, and non-surgical methods of body contouring. It is essentially a controlled process of fat reduction that helps to get rid of stubborn fat on your abdomen or other areas such as your arms. These are often more safe and effective alternatives to the invasive body contouring procedure of liposuction and have a wide array of benefits.

What are the different methods of Body Sculpting to remove fat cells?

The different procedures used in body contouring fall into two categories, non-surgical body contouring, and surgical body contouring. Surgical body contouring has a tendency to be an invasive body treatment while non-surgical body contouring is more likely to be non-invasive. However, these techniques are all very safe, FDA approved, and widely used and approved by doctors worldwide!

Surgical Body Sculpting

The most well-known method of invasive body contouring is liposuction. Since this treatment does require surgery, it will require the use of anesthesia during the procedure. Benefits to liposuction include the need for only one treatment session, more comprehensive fat removal in all targeted areas of the body, plus skin tightening! You will also need a few days of downtime post-procedure to recover as well as just a short two weeks to see visible results.

Non-surgical Body Sculpting

There are multiple types of other safe treatments that target fat areas and fat cells in your body that are just as effective but have a much shorter downtime compared to liposuction. The techniques they use in their treatments are more natural and non-invasive, making use of an ultrasound device, cold therapy, or even laser devices; all without the use of surgery!

Body Contouring using Cold Temperatures

Using freezing temperatures to get rid of fat is a fairly new idea for treatments in the market. CoolSculpting is a permanent procedure that uses a non-invasive device that works to break down fat cells by putting the fatty area in a cold environment. The fat cells are easily destroyed and it is absorbed by the body.  You will need several treatments every few months to see the fat from the specific areas go away.

Body Contouring using Ultrasound and Radiofrequency

Ultrasound and electromagnetic wave radiofrequency offer results in a shorter timeframe. Not as short as liposuction but definitely shorter than using heat or cold. It also has the added effect of skin tightening right after individual treatments. Depending on which exact machine is used, you will only need a few treatments spaced a few weeks or a few months apart.

A body sculpting clinic will have a comprehensive menu but a consultation will be needed before starting any procedure to see which one would be most appropriate for you. In the end, it doesn't matter whichever treatment you decide to go with whether that be a non-invasive or invasive body procedure, as long as you look and feel good about the results on your body!

Does Body Sculpting really work?

The treatment for body sculpting aids in again not only weight loss, but fat removal and fat reduction. It drastically improves your appearance and you will love the shape of your body after the procedure. It changes the look and feel of your skin and depending on which procedures or treatments you opt for (non-invasive or invasive body procedures) and it will naturally break down the problem areas. It is effective and usually, you will only feel some mild discomfort during the procedure.

What are the side effects of Body Sculpting?

Some side effects may include pain, which may depend on your pain tolerance, a deep heat, tingling, possible bruising, numbness, or some temporary redness of the skin. But the most guaranteed side effects that your body benefits from this procedure include the obvious removal of fat, slimming, and skin tightening.

Is Body Sculpting permanent?

Body sculpting works by destroying fat cells without the need for long hours at the gym or restrictive diets.  Any type of fat cell destruction either by a non-invasive or invasive treatment is permanent, meaning the fat cells cannot return provided that you do your part to maintain your new figure. So essentially, no procedure can guarantee that the fat won't ever come back if you do not maintain your post-operative weight and body condition.

How long does non-surgical body contouring last?

Depending on how your body looked like post-surgery or long your last surgery was, the results may vary and because each and every individuals' body is different, everyone will also have a different diet, weight, shape, amount of fat, and perhaps even pain tolerance. It is notable that the treatment will be more highly effective if the patients have a normal body index which can be achieved by a healthy diet or if you simply eat sensibly. Multiple procedures may be needed to completely eliminate unwanted fat and give your body a better shape, but generally, the consensus is that it destroys the fat cells but cannot prevent you from ever gaining weight or new deposits of fat. So non-surgical, non-invasive contouring only lasts as long as you allow it.

What are the benefits of body contouring?

There are many benefits to non-surgical and non-invasive or invasive body contouring. They add an extra bit of support you need for your weight loss plan and drive the fat removal process further. The best benefits however are the improvements to your overall health, confidence, and appearance.
Body contouring in conjunction with exercise and a healthy lifestyle can dramatically change your appearance, and the results are amazing. It will make you fall in love with your body again and the look and feel of your skin will improve.

Where can I go for Body Sculpting?

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