5 Myths About Dark Underarms And Chicken Skin

White and Smooth Underarms

Do you think twice about raising your arms? Do you find yourself avoiding wearing sleeveless tops in public? Do you feel embarrassed about showing your underarms to other people in general? Chances are, you have probably already researched and tried ways to whiten and smoothen your underarms on your own. Though this may be effective for some, it is important to know if what you are doing is causing your skin more harm than good.

We've rounded up the Top 5 Common Myths about Dark Underarms and Chicken Skin and debunked each one:

MYTH #1: Waxing or Plucking Does Not Cause Chicken Skin

Pulling out the hair by waxing or plucking is very traumatic for the hair follicle. This trauma leads to inflammation appearing as bumps or chicken skin.

MYTH #2: Lotions Alone Can Whiten Dark Underarms

There are different causes of underarm darkening hence there are different ways to treat it. Application of a lotion may be able to address the textural changes but not darkening in its entirety.

The underarm is an intertriginous area, there’s always skin to skin contact which may increase the potency of applied medications. That is why it is important to choose mild but effective products and treatments for this sensitive area.

MYTH #3: Laser Hair Removal Causes Chicken Skin

It’s the other way around. The wavelength of laser used for hair removal can also improve the appearance of chicken skin.


4: Rubbing Lemon or Kalamansi Will Always Whiten Underarms

While these natural agents have whitening properties they can have adverse effects like allergic or irritant reactions when applied to the sensitive underarm skin leading to darkening.

MYTH #5: Pregnancy, Genetics and Other Health Factors Do Not Contribute to Underarm Darkening

Underarm darkening is multifactorial. Some are more prone to it because of their genetic or cultural background, some have endocrine problems like acanthosis nigricans and some can be due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.

There are a lot of different factors that cause underarm darkening, like use of harsh deodorants, shaving, poor hygiene, and more! If you want to address underarm darkening and chicken skin, consult the skin experts.

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