• SUZANOBAGIMD Products: Benefits and Powerful Ingredients

    While ingredients are extremely important, so is a simple routine that’s easy to stick to on a daily basis, and that’s the philosophy behind the new SUZANOBAGIMD product line. Cleanse, protect and renew: a simple 3 step process for individualized skin care, with potent antioxidants and clinically proven ingredients for visible results that will leave your skin looking healthier and more radiant.
  • 5 Tips On How To Keep Acne At Bay

    Acne is oftentimes difficult to deal with. With so much going on beneath the skin, it’s no wonder many people feel like they do so much to address it and see little improvement. Don't lose hope! Be sure to first try these tips and consult with a board-certified dermatologist to determine the appropriate acne skin care regimen for you.

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    Find the right Obagi cleanser for your specific skin type and concern.
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    We have put together five of the biggest myths that will help to make your skin care routine a little easier - and your skin a lot happier!
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    The level of skincare you get from a facial wipe depends on which wipe you use.
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    Originally developed as an acne treatment in the 1960s, researchers also noticed that patients who used tretinoin were getting an unexpected bonus: an improvement in the appearance of photoaged skin.